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Developer: Tsurutan,Inc.

With this app you can easily manage your school life with your phone or your tablet. You can create a timetable, homework, exams, grades and holidays easily.Timetable
- Choose between day- and weekview- Enable saturday and/or AB week- Your phone gets muted during the lessons
- Choose a subject and the date will be calculated automatically- Attach multiple pictures with your camera or from the gallery- Add a reminder
- Attach multiple pictures- Add a exam type, a grade and a note- get notified when there is an exam in the upcoming days
- You can weight your grades and add grade types - You can even weight your subjects (e.g when a subject is more important than another)- The average will be calculated automatically
Hours absent
- Add hours absent and get notified when you got unexcused absences- Categorize you absences- The app will automatically calculate the amount of absences after you selected your timeinterval
-Homework widget
-Timetable widget
- Exam Widget
- Next lesson widget - shows your next two classes
- Timetable clock widget - shows the remaining time of the current lesson - shows the next two classes
ItalianAndrea Sartorello
RussianVitaly Snytsa
KoreanBomi Chung
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